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Next Connect is our dual system client quality platform.

  1.  Nexcon – work order system, ensuring proactive contract management.
  • App based mobile quality inspections
  • Monitoring deficiency trends to improve service
  • Automatic creation of trackable work orders
  • Recording of all account communications
  • Quality and deficiency reporting by location

Nexcon is the ultimate tool to manage your cleaning contract.

2.  Next Check – Audit and tracking system incorporating live reporting.

  • App based mobile workforce management
  • Schedules and records the completion of every cleaning task.
  • NFC chip (Pay Wave tech.) & GPS Gate technology based check in/out system
  • Maintenance reporting functionality to assist your facilities team
  • Live monitoring of cleaning operations

Next Check guarantees you get what we promise.

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Nexcon Work Order System
Nexcon Work Order System

Our business name encompasses our obsession for finding better, newer and more efficient ways to help our clients and exceed your expectations, so we have scoured the globe  looking for market leading systems and innovations to enhance your business.

Next U.V – Bacteria Killing Technology

“Hasta La Vista…Bacteria”

The average office desk is the biggest breading ground for germs and bacteria in your business with more then 5 times the amount of hazardous bacteria then a toilet seat.

These bacteria can survive for up to 24 hours on surfaces causing 80% of infections and illness, which cause absenteeism in your workplace. Additionally the items they thrive on require a water free method to properly kill them.

Utilising the same UV-C light technology used in latest generation Boeing Aircraft, Next Facilities Group delivers our clients the highest standard in bacteria control.

Our exclusive U.V light technology destroys all known microbes by literally making them explode. It matches the resonant frequency of the molecular bonds on the outside of the microbes, which kills all bacteria, pathogens and organisms that are left on surfaces.

This technology is simply best practice for ensuring the highest standard of hygiene and health in your workplace.

How UV works:

bacteria killing UV

We believe in adding value, care and the potential of the future. Partnering with Green Fleet, Australia’s leading provider of carbon offsetting, Next Facilities Group has certified its operations have zero impact on the environment.

So how does Carbon Zero work?

If you have recently taken a flight with Qantas or Virgin you will see that you have the option to offset the carbon emission associated with your seat. To achieve this an audit is conducted of the emission associated with one seat on a flight and then carbon credits are purchased to neutralise the emission.

This is the same process we have undertaken, but we have done it for our entire operation, thus giving us a zero carbon status. So feel great knowing that your partnership with Next Facilities Group is doing far more then just giving you the best standard of cleaning.

If your company would like to join and help us on our mission of improving the environment for future generations through zero carbon certification we would be happy to talk you through the process for your business and connect you with the right people at Green Fleet to get you started. Together we can all make a difference!

Choosing Next Facilities Group means your purchase decisions are helping future generations of Australians.

holding a tree

As a Zero Carbon company, our aim is to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances thus protecting people and our planet. So as part of Next Innovated we provide our clients with an option of zero chemical cleaning through Electrolysed Water (eWater).

Designed and manufactured to the accredited international standards of ISO 14001 – Certification for Environmental Management, eWater is produced by applying an electrical charge to a mixture of ordinary tap water and salt.

Known as electrolysis, this process splits the tap water mixture into positive and negative ions, creating two highly effective and remarkably safe solutions on opposing ends of the pH scale that destroys bacteria, viruses, and other harmful
micro organisms.

eWater is consistent with an ever-increasing consumer and legislative demand for greater sustainability, fewer toxins and a greater emphasis on workplace safety. Taking the eWater option will take your business to the highest standards of sustainability and safety.

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